Surface status:   Porous or Nonporous
           Paritcle size   :   1.5μm, 2μm, 3μm, 4μm, 5μm
           Mean pore size:  9 nm 
           Advantages    :   Ultra high purity and mechanical strength 
                                     High resolution (at high flow rates with steep gradient)
                                     High Speed and throughput separation
                                     Higher sensitivity
                                     Much less consumption of mobile phase
   Monodispersed packing generates lower operational back pressures (higher flow rates), excellent choice for peptides, amino acids, tryptic digests, nucleotides, food samples; The silica microparticles are ideal packings for UPLC (ultra performance liquid chromatography), HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), FLC (fast liquid chromatography) and Capillary columns.

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